Step into the “Light Side”

How many recent stories and movies have the theme of ‘good versus evil’ in a futuristic setting? We have been inundated with so much of it in the last couple of decades that popular phrases such as this have become the norm. “Don’t go to dark side…” or, “Come into the dark side and know power like you’ve never known before…” or, “Step into the dark side…” Yes, undoubtedly I’m paraphrasing on some of these, but the sentiment is the same on all and we are very familiar with them.

So…I’m saying, “Step into the Light Side”. What exactly is that? We know what “Stepping into the dark side” is…it can conjure up all kinds of images of “going bad” or “living in evil” or just plain “mean and nasty”!

But have you ever noticed that you never see anybody telling someone to “Step into the Light Side”? Think of the possibilities that can happen there!

I have spoken before about ‘owning your own light’ where you are inspired to be the brightest light within your Being that you possibly can. But this time I write about choosing how to get there in our every day existence.

For me, I have learned that the “dark side” is in fact a thicker energy. It can contain fear, pain, angst, anger, resentment, jealousy, frustration, etc. – anything that keeps us down and/or “in the dark”. And of course how we choose to deal with being in one of these very real feelings, is completely up to us. We can respond with “darkness” or respond with “light”.

What I notice more so is that if I respond to something in anger, I inevitably end up creating MORE reasons to get even angrier! And when I really let myself sit in that and feel it in my Being, I don’t like it! It is a very thick and heavy energy…one that not only doesn’t feel good to be in, but it takes up a HUGE amount of energy to continue to be in. Thus, “the dark side”.

So I choose to “Step into the Light Side”! The word ‘light’ has a couple of different meanings when we actually do go there! Stepping into the Light Side is not only more freeing, but is “lighter” to Be in! The energy is not heavy or thick! We are able to come up with other solutions to what could possibly make us stuck in anger. I consciously choose to keep the situation “light”. Approach it “lightly”. Respond sensibly and “lightly”. Keep it “light”.

And in so doing, I am living my life on the “Light Side”! How cool is that?!?

Yes, life is life and we are handed surprises and situations that can bring us down in a hundred different ways. I don’t think any of us escapes that. But like anything, we have the choice on how to approach any of those obstacles. It is only us that can decide if a problem is insurmountable, or just an annoyance that needs to be dealt with, or knowing we need a time to retreat within our selves to build up our own everlasting “light”.

The “light side of us!” “Keeping it light!” “Light the way!”
“This little light of mine!”

“Step into the Light Side!” No evil force can dare get near that!!!

Be Good to Yourself ~ Be God to Yourself


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