Who are your ‘Divine Friends’?

How many friends do you have that you can actually call “Divine Friends”? Or maybe even “God Friends”? What are Divine Friends? Do you recognize them by how long they have been in your life and all of the journeys that you have shared with each other? Or are they newer friends that you feel amazingly connected to? You may even consider every encounter with everyone on a day to day basis to be a Divine Friend.

How do you categorize friends now? We have ‘best friends’, we have ‘old friends’ (sometimes one and the same), ‘new friends’, ‘dear friends’, maybe even friends we’ve known since childhood but haven’t re-connected for many years.

This is what happened to me a few years back and I am thrilled to share with you thoughts on ‘Divine Friends’ and how they are so necessary in our lives…important and…Divine!

When I was in high school, I became very attached to three different girl-friends. Two were the same age as me and the 3rd was a year younger. We were very heavily involved in the performing arts department and quickly became big buddies with each other. Besides our school activities, we would also have week-end excursions to movies, or maybe ushering together at a local theatre, shopping, or even a day trip to Yosemite.

As close as we were, after graduating high school we all went our separate ways. And there wasn’t a lot of contact after that for us. Nothing terrible happened, it just seemed to be a natural evolution.

Then many years later we found ourselves at a birthday party of our performing arts teacher who was turning 80. Shortly after that we found ourselves at her memorial service. And I was reconnecting again with my three best friends in high school. So much so, that I invited them to my house one summer for a mini-reunion for a couple of days. It went so well that we have made a tradition of it and are doing it every year.

What’s so joyous about it is that we have picked up right where we left off. We are all older and wiser now, and though we do a bit of hashing through the past, most of it is the enjoyment of each other’s company and the long and divine connection that we have for each other.

It was only this last visit where we acknowledged that when we were back in high school, there was never a time when we were ever mean to each other, never said things to one another behind the other’s back, never purposely or accidentally hurt one another. It was truly a ‘Divine Friendship’.

How lucky I am that I still have these Divine Ladies in my life and already can’t wait until next year when they will return and we’ll once again pick up right where we left off!

So, who are your Divine Friends? How did you meet? How often do you connect? What have you been through together?
Seek them out! Acknowledge them deeply! Let them know how much they are loved and how grateful you are for them on a day-to-day basis! These are the Beings who know you only too well and don’t judge you for it. They are the ones that you can talk to anytime. They are the ones that you can go off your diet for! When ice cream calls, we answer whole-heartedly!

Please share on this blog your Divine Friends. Tell us what’s amazing about them, and share it with them. As we know, life is extremely short and not a moment can be wasted taking any of our Divine Friends for granted!!!

Thank you for EVER to mine, Kellie, Judy and Cathy. I will love you all for EVER! (I already do!)

Be Good to Yourself ~ Be God to Yourself


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