Beyond the Table

Dinner for God is more than a book.  It’s more than a gathering around the table.  It’s E X P A N S I V E, and if you so choose, you can take your experience beyond the table.  To support you in this, I have created this blog, called just that . . . ‘Beyond the Table’.  My intention is to inspire you to a continued connection of your ‘Higher Self’ through every action of every day.  When we remain in our highest, loving selves at all times, others will automatically respond in kind.  “What you put out, you attract.”

Within this blog, together where we can talk about a multitude of topics that will be Creative, Unique and Joy-FULL.  I say “together” because I am requesting your involvement.  I will be posting topics, inspiration and resources that we can all connect on.  I want to read and share your stories, your recipes, what inspires you, everything.

I look forward to sharing ‘every day jewels’ in this blog and I can’t wait to hear from you!!!  This will be a GRAND SHARING like no other!

Stay tuned for posts on the following topics:

~ New and easy recipes
~ Inspiring Quotes
~ Fun Tips and Hints when making a meal
~ Table setting ideas
~ ‘What if’ questions
~ New topics and questions to discuss with friends and loved ones about ‘Higher Source’
~ Art pictures that capture the heart
~ Music that soothes the soul (or makes you want to get up and DANCE!)
~ Favorite Memories
~ Un-noticed Blessings
~ Favorite items in the home that mean something to us
~ Favorite people that inspire us
~ Cool and inspiring websites
~ Youtubes with Heart


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