I have created an example of what your ‘Grace’ may sound like for your own dinner for God.  Please know that this is only a suggestion, and you may re-word it any way you choose or even make up your own!

Your ‘Grace’ may ask the entire table to say a few sentences about why they are there and what they hope to receive for the evening.  You also have the wonderful freedom of choosing how you will say your ‘Grace’.  You may stand and hold hands with your head down.  You may sit and hold hands with your head up.  You may ask your guests to look one another in the face while ‘Grace’ is being said.  It’s all up to you.

Don’t be afraid to make this particular ‘Grace’ unique for yourself and for your guests.  Remember, it is all meant to be JOYFUL!!!!


Dear God, (Universe, High Source, etc.)

We are gathered here tonight with You to celebrate and honor the good-ness that You are and the good-ness that We are.

The most delicious food has been prepared for You with the highest integrity.  We have dressed in a manner that presents our Highest Selves to You.

We ask that tonight’s sharing with You stay within the deepest part of our Hearts without judgment, and to actively make a conscious choice to rejoice in our differences and views of You.

We are One and the Same.