Do you value relationships with the loved ones in your life?
Do you enjoy flavorful home cooked foods that you can share with others?
Do you revel in making a delicious dish that is savored and reminisced long after it’s gone?

I do, too . . . and that’s why I ‘cooked up’ Dinner for God!

What seems to start as an ordinary meal can be transformed for more heightened sensations, from the divine flavors of the food to the divine flavors of the people you choose to share it with.

Dinner for God is about . . .

  • Bringing your best to the table and encouraging your guests do the same
  • Making your favorite dish with intention, adding the extra ingredient of your ‘Highest Self’ into it
  • Setting your table extraordinarily beautiful and creative and different
  • Consciously choosing who you invite into this special space (your home) for this special occasion
  • Dressing up in your finest because of who is on your guest list . . . God and the people you love

Like me, if you knew God was coming for dinner, no detail would go unnoticed . . . no fork would be less than polished to perfection . . . no spots on the water glasses and no wrinkles in the napkins.  Every aspect would be planned and executed precisely!

And, why not?  Who would be GRANDER to have at your table for dinner than God?  What a joyFULL experience filled with heart felt conversation that would be!  Not only with God, but also with your special guests.  Just image.  To share the awe of the Universe and explore unlimited ideas . . . to speak and listen from the Soul . . . to connect, truly connect.  What an evening to spend with those you love!  What a miracle you would create!

And it all starts with YOU deciding to orchestrate this Miracle.

Most of us think of a miracle as a huge, enormous, unexplained phenomenon or perhaps as something that happens to other people.

I’m asking you to let go of that limiting belief and consider EVERYTHING and EVERYONE as a miracle.  Try that one on!  Close your eyes and think about that for a moment.  Can you feel it?  Can you believe it?  See, I believe everything and everyone ARE miracles.  Maybe you do too, maybe you don’t, but all that matters is that you are open and willing to dive deeper into this fresh perspective.  Ready to begin seeing ALL as constant miracles?  Let me share with you a path that can support you in shifting or fully integrating this belief.  Let’s go . . .

The journey begins with a special book, Dinner for God.

For you to really understand how this book can support you seeing miracles as every day occurrences, I would like to share with you how this book came about.  What started out one day having lunch by myself in my home came the question out of the blue:  “If God came over for dinner, what would I serve?”  I remember letting my fork fall loudly onto my plate as I asked, “What WOULD I serve?”  Then the flood of questions quickly followed:  “And, who would I invite?  What tablecloth should I use?  What would I wear?  What would we talk about?”

It was fun imagining all of the possibilities of planning an actual Dinner for God. I found myself giggling at the actual prospect of this. Putting it into an actual story seemed to be a natural progression.

Soon after completing my first draft, a bigger question came to the surface.  “Why?  Why is it important for me to write about a Dinner for God?  What’s the point?  What was I trying to say?”

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the answers follow just as easily as the questions:

It’s a scientific fact that the world is spinning faster and, though I don’t fully understand it, time is speeding up as well.  I know that the older I get I sense it more.  My conversation with others only validates this.  They feel it too.

For myself, I have learned that the most painful experience one can have on this planet is the loss of other loving Beings who mean a great deal to me.  It seems like there is nothing more heart breaking.  I fully realize that death is a natural occurrence, but the real LOSS of someone that you love is indescribably deep.

Some loved ones have left their bodies much sooner than I think they should have.  Others, even at their natural end seems as if there was still much more to be spoken about, laughed about and cried about.  I never want it to end.  The time with them…and ALL of us truly is precious.  No one can be taken for granted – not even for a millisecond.

And when I feel the longing of these dear Beings, I want to hold onto the magic moments we had when we were together.  I want to talk about little nothings, or walk in the rain with them in contented silence.  I want to hear the laughter again.  I want to share another secret.  I want to take a road trip with them and marvel at different views of the sky.  I want to sit with them at a dinner table and have a magnificent meal!

And there it was – my memory of oh, so many magnificent meals where the food was just as good as the conversation.

The laughter that held it’s place within the arena of the table and filtered up and out of the room.  The natural ease of enjoying and acknowledging our senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell without realizing that we were doing so!

THAT is what I wanted to recapture!  But this time, REALIZE what we are doing!  Appreciate the slicing, dicing and sautéing!  Celebrate your finesse for the fine art of stirring!  Grasp the significance of who the food is being made for and why it’s being made for them.  Observe the wonderment of the people who love and trust you to ingest what you have created for them.

Listen carefully to their words. Take their laughter to heart and store it there.  Look around your table at the people you have gathered and silently give thanks for their Presence.  It is ALL we have and it IS magnificent. It is ALL MIRACLE  I ask you to acknowledge it . . . to embrace it.  Time IS fleeting.

The meaning of life is NOW.  The miracles are NOW.

To learn more about the book, Dinner for God, CLICK HERE and be sure to view THIS VIDEO.  Also, explore the MUSIC and FREE INSPIRATION that I have created for you to fully live the miracle that life is.

I am deeply honored to share my book, music and this complete experience with you.  
I look forward to connecting with your further on my BLOG.

~ Rayme