God Shawl

One of the gifts that were given to the guests at Jenny’s table in the story of ‘Dinner for God’ was ‘God’ Shawls.  These were given by Aaron, Andy and their daughter, Mia.  The idea behind them was for each guest to wear them when they felt like Being in a quiet, meditative state.  They are something personal that connects them to their Highest Self and can be worn as a shroud of Honor for Sacred Joining.

Though similar to what we may know as a ‘prayer shawl’, the ‘God Shawl’ (or the ‘Universal Shawl’, etc…), can easily be made with just a little sewing know-how.  The fun part about making a God Shawl is that you get to choose your own colors, fabrics, texture . . . even the size!  Are you a quilter?  I can only imagine what a hand-quilted God Shawl would look like!

Remember, it’s your personal God Shawl that you will be wearing for God to see you in.  And if you choose to make them for your guests, it will be a wonderful way for you to hold each person in your heart while you create them.  What better ‘God Bond’ is there than that?


  • Fabric of your choice cut in a strip of 9” in width and 60” in length
  • (you may need to sew two 30” strips together to make a 60” strip in length)
  • 2 small, matching colored tassels
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Matching thread to fabric



  • Fold the strip in half, length-wise with the folded edge laying at the left side on a flat surface
  • On the right side, measure from the top 5” down and mark
  • Cut from the mark to the top left point and repeat on other end



  • Open fabric
  • Lay flat to view two points on either end




  • Starting at one point and working from the back of the fabric, fold a ¼” of the edge from the front to the back and pin
  • Do this around the entire edge of your strip
  • Sew in place



  • Attach the tassels by hand with needle/thread at each pointed end
  • Give as a gift, or wear yourself.  Happy Meditating!



TIP:  Feel free to make a slimmer, or a wider God Shawl, if you desire.  You can also adjust the length for your self either longer, or if making for a child, shorter.  The fun of this is creating your own unique shawl.  Perhaps you will want to color your fabrics first with either fabric paint, or hand-dye them.  Whatever you decide, make sure that your chosen God Shawl is one that you have put your best possible High Energy into.  Wear it for your sacred moments.  Treasure it and the meaning that you have created for yourself and your Supreme Being.