Below are stories from others who have read my book, Dinner for God, to inspire you as you consider or even plan your own dinner for God!  It’s a wonderful experience to go though, as you will see and feel when reading the stories below . . .


I found ‘Dinner for God’ such a delight to read and couldn’t wait to have my own Dinner for God in my own home.  I am still in the planning stages and am having such a great time starting my lists of who I’m inviting, what I’ll be making and what I’ll be wearing.  What a great way to throw a unique and delicious dinner party!  ~ Gail

It was an impromptu meal that came together at the last minute. There was an unexpected gathering of family and friends at my house that started early in the afternoon and continued on to dinnertime!  I had made my favorite Ground Turkey Bolognese sauce a few nights before and froze much of it.  With some of my guests’ help and a quick run to the store, the sauce was heated, the pasta was boiled, amazing garlic bread was created and prepared along with a summer spinach salad.  We gathered around my dining table that was dressed in a bright tablecloth along with my favorite dishes and ate, and talked and laughed whole-heartedly!  At one point, I took a moment to take a good look at each and every Being there and realized, “Wow!  This is a Dinner for God!”  Having read the story and had been looking forward to having my own in a particular way, I saw that I had inadvertently created one!  We were all ‘present’ at that moment and clearly no one was taking any of it for granted.  I will treasure that dinner forever…and I intend to make a LOT more of my meals turn out the same way!  By the way, for dessert, we all made our own ice-cream sandwiches!  ~ Michelle

I’m planning my Dinner for God out on my deck around the same time that Jenny had hers.  The weather will still be warm enough and I can’t wait to decorate the area with lights and candles.  I’m also picking a couple of recipes from the website to use because they seem absolutely delicious.  The people that I am inviting are eager to share this different experience with me.  Some have read the book, and others haven’t (yet).  This is such a great way for me to truly Be with the people that I love and the way that I want to connect with them.  My loved ones and myself are beyond the ‘small chatter’ stage of our lives with each other.  And though we always find new things to talk about, steering our conversation to our views and observations about ‘The Universe’ is something that we have only begun to touch upon. No doubt, the first of many! ~ Randy

The questions that arise when one is preparing a Dinner for God can seem huge!  If God is coming to your house for dinner, what DOES one serve?  Who DOES one invite?  What DOES one wear and what WILL we talk about?  I am so grateful for the guide at the end of ‘Dinner for God’ that is getting me through these obstacles.  None of my questions seem so insurmountable when I follow the easy to read and easy to follow directions.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!  ~  Alma