Using your Best of Everything All the Time

How many ‘good’ things do you have stashed away that you are saving? How many fine pieces of jewelry or clothing that are worn maybe once or twice a year? What about your best tablecloth, your best dishes or your best silverware? Do you bring them out only for distinct moments? The same question applies to ‘best’ sheets or towels…or maybe a bottle of bubble bath in its pretty container? Or maybe a beautiful candle that you never burn. What are other things that you have put away and only bring out on ‘special occasions’?

How do you feel when you do bring out these special items and use them? Does it make you feel joyful? Extraordinary? Pristine? I know it does for me!

Then I started realizing that feeling joyful, extraordinary and pristine doesn’t have to be limited to special occasions. Why not feel these things every day? Why not use our ‘BEST’ items every day?

I inherited my grandmother’s sterling silverware a few years back. I kept it neatly in a blue velvet-lined box and only used it for special holidays with family. I LOVE this silverware and it means so much to me! Some times, however, special holidays were spent at other family members homes and I started seeing that this special silverware wasn’t being pulled out even on a regular annual basis. Maybe 2 or 3 years would go by before I would use it again.

It suddenly dawned on me that this wasn’t acceptable anymore. If I LOVE this silverware more than any in the world, why not use it all the time? It is now my every day silverware and each time I use it, my grandmother feels close to my heart again. And I find myself smiling…and feeling joyful, extraordinary and pristine.

My niece Laura read my book of “Dinner for God” and came over from work one night wearing a lovely short, white laced skirt. After I commented how beautiful she looked in it (and she IS beautiful), she told me that after reading my book at the part where the main character, Jenny decides to use her best items on a regular basis, my niece decided to wear her best skirt to work…usually hanging in her closet waiting for a ‘special occasion’. She said she felt so wonderful wearing that skirt all day long and how many compliments she received from it.

AND…what I also came to realize is that, like Jenny in the story, when we do start using all of our beautiful and best items on a regular basis, we only make room for MORE beautiful and best items to come forward to us!

How AMAZING and WONDERFUL is that?

Also, how many of our best items that we don’t use end up deteriorating before we use them? A favorite coat of mine rarely worn became the victim of several moths and their cousins…beyond repair.

A lovely hand carved candle sat beautifully on my mantel piece until a hot summer day melted it down to one glob of wax…and I never even got to light it myself!

Start today! Don’t let those ‘best’ items go to waste!
For me, I’m pulling out my ‘best’ sweater that I save for going out at night to nice events. I’m going to wear that sweater for the entire day with no plans for the evening. It’s a great start to use ALL of my ‘best’ ALL of the TIME!

Please share what item you’re going to start using, why you save it and what it means to you. I can’t wait for your responses!

Be Good to Yourself/Be God to Yourself


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