The “Dinner for God Planner”

Okay! It’s here! After such an overwhelming response to my book of “Dinner for God”, with it’s small guide in the back that shows how to have your own unique meal, I found that many readers were still a bit reluctant to take on such a Divine project.

Since hosting a Dinner for God can seem daunting simply because of the magnitude of it, it quickly became clear that an easy, step by step guide from the first planning, all the way through and beyond was necessary to make readers more comfortable in doing so. Mostly, to keep the joyful aspect of the entire experience!

Here is where you can get a better idea of what the Dinner for God Planner is all about and how you’ll find that after going through the book and following the easy stages, you’ll want to do it again and again as well as pass it on to your friends and loved ones to experience also!

The unique aspect of the Dinner for God Planner is the abundant blank pages between each “joyful task” to journal your outcome and heartfelt thoughts. This is key to keeping the entire experience as present as possible and to remind ourselves how important and meaningful each moment can be,

and is!

Starting off the Planner with the first fun question:
If God were coming to my house for dinner, what would I serve?
And then the heavenly adventure begins!!!

Through out the pages you get to select your Dinner for God date and time and why you’ve chosen that particular date and time.

You’ll be able to write down your guest list and why you’ve chosen your particular guests.

You even have a space to journal why you want to host a Dinner for God! What would you like for your guests to experience? What would you like for yourself to experience?

Then Invitation ideas! Two suggestions are given – one that comes directly from you: “…God will be dining at my house for dinner on (date) at (time). Your presence is requested in joining Us for this distinguished occasion…”

And the second suggestion is an invitation that seems to be sent from God: “…One of My finest creations, (your name), will be hosting a dinner in My honor on (date/time) at (address). (Your name) has requested you in joining Us for this distinguished occasion, and I am more than pleased…”

There are blank pages for you to write down or paste your invitation and envelope to your guests. You even have room to write down what your guests reactions have been as you receive your RSVP’s.

From here the Dinner for God Planner helps you define your menu, what dish you will make and what dishes your guests will bring. Then moving on to table planning, what kind of theme would you like with many different suggestions, seating arrangements, picking out a chair for ‘God’, 7 days of preparation of what needs to be done before the event, music choices to be played during the dinner, pages to write down what you are planning to wear and why and greeting your guests.

A ‘Grace’ for God is suggested that you may want to copy for yourself, or take parts that you like and add your own.

An entire section focuses on topics that can be discussed around the table. Like the story, one of the fun and thought provoking topics is, “What does heaven look like to you?”

From here I talk about you and your guests presenting your desserts and giving a ‘God Sharing’.

And of course, clean up and after thoughts, including room to journal down your guests after thoughts – possibly days, weeks or even months later.

I am very excited to share the Dinner for God Planner with you and your loved ones. Mostly, I so look forward to hearing back from you here on the blog on how your own Dinner for God was. What theme did you go with? What did you serve? How many people? Tell me everything!!!

The Dinner for God Planner is available on Amazon:
currently at a special price!!!

Be Good to Yourself/Be GOD to Yourself,


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