You and God ~ Dinner for Two

I’m discovering some people who have so enjoyed the book of “Dinner for God”, having a bit of difficulty with placing a chair at their table that is supposed to be
Gods chair…particularly when you are supposed to ‘pretend’ or ‘manifest’ God sitting there. One person thought it would feel eerie to pretend that ‘God’, ‘High Source’, etc. would be sitting in the chair and it would seem more like a ghost rather than a Divine Presence.

I can understand this. For many of us, to suddenly sit down and fully intend a High Energy to be sitting in the chair next to you can conjure up some very strange feelings. I will show you some very easy ways to conquer those uncomfortable thoughts so that your experience at such a magnificent dinner can be enjoyed fully by you and your guests. But first, you!

If you feel that you may get the wrong impression about a spirit energy sitting in a chair that you have designated for a High Purpose, take a few steps back first and start by having one meal of your choice with God by yourself.

Set up an atmosphere that you are making a meal for a very important and joyful
Being. Do everything you would need to do to make sure that it is going to be the most meaningful and heart-felt experience you have ever had!
If it’s Dinner for God, then it’s Dinner for 2 ~ You and God!

You don’t have to worry about the likes or dislikes of other guests food tastes and can make exactly what you would like to make and to serve to God. Just you!

Imagine what that would be like. Just You and God having a quiet dinner together! You get to create an atmosphere that feels so comfortable and safe for yourself. You have everything that you love surrounding you, and you may adorn Gods chair with comfortable looking cushions ~ as long as it is completely in your idea of beauty for yourself.

Keep it quiet. Have some thoughts that you would like to share with God. Ask a question or two that you’d like to know. Imagine what Gods answers would be. Enjoy it. Revel in it. Let it be a glorious, private time between God and you where no subject is off limits and every word spoken and thought is blanketed in deep and profound love. What would that be like for you?

These are simple elements for you that can make you extremely comfortable with connecting to your ‘Highest Source’ before embarking on sharing that with a table full of guests. As host, you most certainly need to know and be familiar with whom you are throwing a dinner party for, yes? So what better way for you to do so than by starting out first with just You and God?

Pick your favorite time, favorite food, favorite subject, favorite sensation, favorite curiosity and breathe life into all of it with God sitting in the chair next to you!
And don’t forget to keep it delight-full!

I’d also recommend telling God your favorite joke! That should put a big smile on the face of the Universe! I think we all have one. Some may think it’s corny…even you may think it’s corny…but tell it anyway! Laugh along with it because it makes you laugh!

With this thought, I leave you with my most favorite joke that I would tell God.
(I know it’s not the funniest joke in the world, and not even a new joke ~ and God’s heard it before…but undoubtedly never gets tired of hearing it…as long as it’s joy-full, I still like to tell it!)

Let me know what your favorite joke is that you would tell God. Let’s keep the laughter limitless!

Be Good to Yourself ~ Be GOD to Yourself


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rayme’s Joke to God

A man was at home one day when suddenly a flood came along and surrounded his house. The water kept rising and came up to his windows. A man in a canoe came by and said, “Come on! Get in the canoe and I’ll take you to a safe place!”

But the man said, “No, thank you. The Lord will save me.” And the canoe went on.

The water continued to rise and forced the man to take shelter up in his attic.
As he looked out the small window, a very large motorboat came by. The people in the boat saw him and yelled, “Come on! Get into our boat and we’ll take you to a safe place!”

Again the man answered, “No thank you. The Lord will save me.” And the motorboat went on.

Soon the waters rose so high that the man found himself balancing on his chimney top with nothing to hold on to. Suddenly a very large helicopter hovered over him and dropped a rope ladder down to him. The person in the helicopter shouted to him, “Grab the ladder and we’ll pull you up and take you to a safe place!”

But once again, the man shouted back, “No thank you. The Lord will save me.”
And the helicopter lifted up its ladder and went on.

Soon the waters rose higher and washed the man away from his house where as he ended up drowning.

He quickly awoke to find himself on a cloud in heaven and he was extremely mad! The Lord saw him on his cloud and saw that he was angry and went to him.

“My son,” said the Lord. “You are now in heaven. Every happiness you could ever imagine is here for you now. Why is it that you are so angry?”

“Well,” the man said. “I’m angry at you, Lord! On earth I had all of my faith in you and when a flood came along, I trusted that you would save me! And you didn’t!”

“What are you talking about?” asked the Lord. “I sent you a canoe, a motorboat and a helicopter! What more did you want?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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