What’s Your ‘God Story’?

What’s a ‘God’ Story and what’s your ‘God’ Story?

A ‘God’ Story is an experience that has happened to you that can’t be explained. In short, a miracle. We’ve all had them at one time or another. Some of us more often
than not, others very rarely. But do we recognize these miracles when they happen
to us? Do we acknowledge that we’ve had that experience? Do we ask for such things for ourselves or do we chalk up those little moments to ‘coincidence’? And if we do ask for miracles and we receive them, are we afraid to ask for more because we think we’ve ‘reached our quota’ or we shouldn’t ‘dare ask for more than we deserve’?

Let me ask the last question with a question: How many miracles do you think you deserve on a daily basis…a weekly, monthly, yearly basis? Do you have a fixed number of miracles you think you’re entitled to? What is that number and why?

Maybe you don’t have a fixed number and you are clear within yourself that you are entitled to as many miracles as are being passed out! Yahooties! That is the way to Be! But…if you’re like me…I’m working on that. I have always viewed miracles…or ‘God’ Stories as I like to call them, as something that is rare and treasured. They feel sacred somehow…and are reserved for times when we ‘really need them’.

BUT…what if we declared our every second on this planet as a miracle? What if we woke up every morning realizing that the day we are in is a miracle? Getting out of bed? Planning our day? Connecting with people we love and going out into the world and seeing all of the other amazing Beings doing the same thing? It is pretty miraculous, yes? That is a big picture to appreciate, but let me pull back a little bit.

I want to focus on the little noticeable ‘God’ Stories that we all have. It can be as simple as finding something in your house that you’ve been looking a long time for. It can be thinking about someone you haven’t been in touch with lately, and then the phone rings and there they are. I do consider these miracles!

The other night while driving on the freeway, I was behind a large SUV. I suddenly decided to move over to another lane. No reason- I just felt compelled to. And just as I did, the SUV got a flat tire and swerved uncontrollably for a few seconds before the driver was able to get the vehicle back in control. Had I stayed in that lane any longer, I would have more than likely been involved in an accident with it and other cars on that crowded freeway. No one was hurt and the SUV was able to pull over safely. For me, that was a ‘God’ Story. I knew I was being protected from a ‘Higher Source’. Of course I thanked The Universe for making a potential disaster into a smooth incident and moved on. But it was another reminder of how little ‘God’ Stories happens to all of us.

The possibilities are limitless and come in every shape and size! From walking into a room to meet the right person you needed to meet, to ordering a cup of coffee and running into an old friend at the same time. Or even over hearing a conversation where a non-related sentence was the perfect thing you needed to hear at that exact moment. Yes! Consider these miracles! ‘God’ Stories!

My most favorite ‘God’ Story ~ I was in Washington DC on a committee for a very large event that I was not enjoying being a part of. The meetings were stuffy and there were many, many small details that I was in charge of seeing to. About the third day of meetings, I was mentally exhausted by it all. I felt completely depleted of all energy and felt as if what I was doing was a waste of time. I was getting paid little for my work and when it was over there would be very little appreciation for my services. And besides that, it was cloudy, grey and cold outside!

I remember sitting for a few moments in my hotel room quietly asking The Universe for a ‘small miracle’. Nothing grand. Just an acknowledgement that I was not alone and was supported by my spirit guides and everything I was doing was for a good reason. I even went so far as to describe a possible scenario for a kind of miracle…just to make it easy on ‘God’.

I thought that it would be simple to receive a ‘flash of light’ somehow. Possibly walking down the street and a window of a car door opening would reflect it’s light onto my face. That would be sign enough. I then left my room and immediately forgot about my request. I had made it to the meeting…with no flash of light…and resigned myself to sit and do my duties.

The tables were set up in large rectangular position with many people on both sides. In front of my chair…and every other three chairs were glass pitchers filled with water, no ice and small drinking glasses.

The meeting was getting more intense as we were winding down on the planning stages and then moving into the action stages. There were lots of last minute details that needed to be attended to…mostly my department.

I was fine. I was doing my job. I was ‘in my zone’ of doing my best work and making very good suggestions that were used. Then suddenly, in the middle of all of the frantic talking, there was a moment of silence that happened quite naturally on it’s own. Everyone seemed to look down at their notes to gather their thoughts at the same time. And just in that moment, there was a very clear ‘ping’ that came from the water pitcher in front of me. I quickly looked up to the pitcher to see nothing out of the ordinary, and noticed a couple of my colleagues also look to the pitcher to see what had made that sound. It was indeed a very clear, ringing ‘ping’!

As the sound went away, the other colleagues who noticed it went back immediately to the meeting at hand and the talking started up again. But for me…I knew it was ‘my sign’ that I had asked for. There was no explanation for the ‘ping’ to have come from that water pitcher. Yes, perhaps one can argue that maybe the temperature of the water had given the glass a reaction where it ‘pinged’…and maybe that is so. And even if that is so, it happened for me at the most opportune time that I got my answer! I was being watched over! I was loved! I was supported! What I was doing was a good thing to be doing for a good reason! And it was enough for me. It was ALL for me!

What kind of ‘God Story’ do you have that you would like to share? They can be (and are) anything!

Please share you ‘God’ Stories with us all here on the blog. I can’t wait to see some other miracles like mine. Big, small…they are ours to have and to hold! And they are very real!

Be Good to Yourself ~ Be GOD to Yourself


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