Your Personal “God” Reminder

With so many wonderful spiritual teachings and ideas that are available to us at anytime through books, movies, media and on line, I find it sometimes overwhelming to have access to so much information as much as I find it amazing to have access to so much information.

We are allowed limitless choices on how we can connect with ‘God’, our ‘Highest Selves’, the ‘Universe’…the list goes on. But for me, as much as I can encourage readers to try and find more conscious time to Be in their ‘High Place’, every day life does get in the way, yes?

How often do you start your morning with the full intention of keeping yourself in your ‘God’ state through out the day, yet when you step outside into the world, a myriad of activities takes up your attention?

It’s common. It’s human. It’s life! So for those of us who find they have to ‘work hard’ to stay in a ‘peaceful and higher consciousness state’, let’s first give up ‘working hard’ on it!

But how do I do that?!? I ask myself the same question. “How do I try to remain in a higher conscious state when the smallest everyday stuff needs to be addressed?”

Okay. How about this? If you’re like me, you quickly forget because of the smallest everyday stuff that needs to be addressed. There it is again…life.

Sure, we can train ourselves to take several moments throughout the day to close our eyes and get ourselves centered…but who has time for that, too? Do we even have time to stop, close our eyes and find a ‘quiet place’ when we only have less than a minute to move on to our next task? Probably not!

I have an easy solution that we can all easily do to remind us to find our special ‘God’ place.

Don’t worry so much about finding time in a busy day to re-group your self. It’s not always possible. But here’s a simple idea that can at least keep us more aware of that place that we yearn to be, even in the most chaotic of situations:

Pick something small and light that you can hold in your hand. It could be something as simple as a button, an old coin…even a small stone. Make sure that it’s something that feels good to hold in your hand and fits easily into your pocket or purse.

When you have chosen your item, hold it firmly in your hand, close your eyes and proclaim it to be your ‘God’ reminder. Decide that whenever you touch this item, it will automatically give you a very profound moment of the ‘grand, centered Being’ that you always are. It is the item that connects you to your High Source.

And since it is only a touch away, you have allowed that rapidity to enter into the entire circuitry of your Being. And with that one touch, you are back ‘in touch’ with yourself.
How amazing does this feel? To have that reminder all the time each time you reach into your pocket, purse, back pack, etc.? And when you do touch it, really feel it in your hand. Memorize its size, its curves. Know it totally with your hand and with your Being. Let it be your private reminder of who you are on this planet and the greatness that you bring to every encounter you come upon.

Keeping your ‘God Self’ within you really isn’t as difficult as we sometimes seem to make it. (Even though we are always in our ‘God Self’ ~ now you have the opportunity to continuously remind yourself of this.)

Simple? Absolutely! Hard to do? Not at all! Joyful? Most assuredly!

So go ahead and pick your item! Mine is a small, round carved Ganesh that is made of brass. It is a bit smaller than a dime and slightly larger than a peanut M&M. When I don’t carry it in my pocket, I have it in my center console of my car so that each time I get in, I see it…and smile…and know that I am currently, and forever will be…in my ‘God State’.

Be Good to Yourself ~ Be GOD to Yourself


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