What are your “Two Words”?

What are the two words you would use to describe what you want to Be on this planet? Only two! Can you do it? If you were to tell someone in only two short words how you would like to Be in your life, what would they be? And why only two? Why not a whole paragraph on what you want to say about yourself? Or at least a couple of sentences?

And when you do find your two words, are you living them now? Do those around you see that you are living by those two words? What would it take for you to integrate those two words into your daily life now? Let me explain.

I like to keep things simple and clear when using my words and my intentions in my life. The older I get, the less I want to say or explain myself, so I take a fraction of a second longer to choose my words carefully ~ to the point, sincere, lovingly and true.

So when I asked myself this question a couple of years back, it became a fun way for me to learn a bit more about myself as well as find out from my family and friends how they see themselves and/or how they want the world to see them.

Two words! This little ‘Two Word’ game is one of the topics that can be discussed when you are hosting a Dinner for God. You’ll see that I go into more detail about it in my up-coming book, the “Dinner for God Planner”.

Ask yourself now: “What are the two words you would use to describe what you want to Be on this planet?”

My answer: “Touch Hearts”. For me, this says everything that I do want to Be on this planet, and I am! I want to make an inspired difference with people I come in contact with. I want to see them shine at their brightest. I want to make a difference to them. This is my gift that I inherently give on a daily basis…sometimes without even knowing it.

Other friends have given me their choice of two words:
“Make Beauty”. “Inspire Excellence”. “Spread Joy”.

Now I ask you, dear Being ~ Choose any two words that resonate with your entire life…your desire to Be that, and to move forward with a conscious effort in applying it to yourself every day. It’s okay to copy someone else’s words. If you like “Touch Hearts” for yourself, by all means, use it…and do it!

When you have chosen your Two Words, please share them with me here on the blog. I would love to start a large collection of my reader’s Two Words. Ask your family, friends, co-workers…even the person in front of you in line at your favorite coffee house what their Two Words are!

It’s a never-ending way to joyfully connect with others and gives people pause for thought about themselves.

Have fun with this and I look forward to seeing what your Two Words are as well as others you have shared this question with!

Be Good to Yourself ~ Be God to Yourself


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