Lunch for God

How often do you get a ‘quick lunch’? Does your work schedule keep you hopping so much that you microwave something fast and eat it while having a meeting at the same time? Do you run out and ‘grab something’ from a fast food place or a vending machine? Maybe you throw a couple of […]

Using your Best of Everything All the Time

How many ‘good’ things do you have stashed away that you are saving? How many fine pieces of jewelry or clothing that are worn maybe once or twice a year? What about your best tablecloth, your best dishes or your best silverware? Do you bring them out only for distinct moments? The same question applies […]

A Valentine’s Dinner for God

Do you get anxious about making the ‘perfect’ Valentines celebration for you and that special someone? Do you find yourself making an early reservation at a restaurant just to get a table in an over-crowded and noisy place? Do you long to make a Valentine experience an unforgettable and meaningful one? Why not have a […]

Keep the Blessings Going!

It’s January 23rd we are just about all the way through the first month of the new year. At this point you’re probably still riding high from your holiday and keeping your New Years intentions. How can you keep the blessings and the intentions going, too? The answer is, you choose. On this blog post, […]

A Holiday Dinner for God

A Holiday Dinner for God

Have you ever thought of holding your own Dinner for God?  Have you found yourself waiting for the perfect time?  Well I have to share with you what I have been recently hearing from my readers.  They are planning a Dinner for God as their Holiday gathering!  What a fabulous idea! As I’ve discovered, having […]

Beyond the Table

Dinner for God is more than a book.  It’s more than a gathering around the table.  It’s E X P A N S I V E, and if you so choose, you can take your experience beyond the table.  To support you in this, I have created this blog, called just that . . . […]